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    Variance - Add only 1 column

    Jill Rossi

      I have data that is divided by fiscal year, and I want to calculate the variance between the two years. I want variance in a third column, but everything I have tried results in 2 columns being added - 1 for each fiscal year. One column shows as blank, and the other will show the variance. How do I get around this? Sorry - data is confidential.


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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Jill,


          You could create three measures:

          One to calculate the value for fiscal year 1, one to calculate for fiscal year 2, then the third to calculate the variance. Ultimately you get something like this:









          Alternatively, you could create two different sheets and then bring it together it in a dashboard:

          One sheet for the fiscal year and the values

          One sheet for just the variance column