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    Adding alias using Calculated field. Capital letters Issue.

    Paula Roigés


      I'm a beginner using Tableau, and I have seen in others discussion it is possible to change alias according to different fields values (https://community.tableau.com/message/749365#749365) and also, i have seen it on Tableau online help (https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/desktop/es-es/changing-views-using-parameters.html).


      I would like to apply this method to edit the fields' name:


      if contains([Value (Professions)], "Asesor financiero") then "Asesor/a Financiero/a"

      elseif contains([Value (Professions)], "asesora Financiera") then "Asesor/a Financiero/a"

      elseif contains([Value (Professions)], "asesor financiero") then "Asesor/a Financiero/a"

      else "==" END


      As you could see, there are slightly grammatical differences for the same type:



      I'm wondering if it's possible to create a formula like: if contains([Value (Professions)], "A/a/seso\ F/f/inancier\") then "Asesor/a Financiero/a"

      I'm not sure about it, I'm really a beginner (bear it in mind, thanks). On the other hand, is it possible to leave the same name as in the former column? in my example I wrote "else "==" END", is it correct?


      Thank you.



      I'm using Tableau Desktop 10.5.2.