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    Company Specific Dashboard

    muhammad usman

      How to show company specific dashboards in tableau when we are maintaining the data in a single database.???


      This single database has company names and its client


      Suppose if some company want their dashboard from us how to make dashboards which shows data specific to them(company)


      and if 2nd company comes and wants the same dashboard , how to show them their data ?

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          suman kumar

          Hi Muhammad



          It looks like difficult but from my point of view for this solution, you can use User filter in Data Source or ISMEMBEROF if using Tableau Server.


          Please let me explain for this.

          1.) Create one column in each data source and put value name of the company like if you have company "Alex" then put "Alex" in all row of new created column and same process with another data source.


          2.) Now merge(Union ALL) both data source together and create one table.

          3.) now create dashboard and use "User filter" or "Data source Filter" for that column where we have kept name of "company" where you can restrict who can see which data.


          I think this can solve your problem.

          Please mark helpful if you are able to solve your problem with my solution.

          Please let me know if you don't understand my concept. I'll try to explain in different way.




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            muhammad usman

            What do you mean by "each data source"


            As I mentioned , I only have one data source


            and I want to Make Cline based/Company specific dashboards using this data source

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              suman kumar

              Then Just use ISMEMEBEROF function with "company name" column if working on Tableau server.

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