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    Unable to Apply Quantitative filter with "Percentage" values using applyRangefilterasync().

    Vijrumbhan M B

      Hi Guys,


                   I have queried the Vizualization for the filter applied using sheet.getfiltersasync(). one of the filters "AGG(Profit Ratio)" has percentage values  {"min":{"value":-0.2233881041771386,"formattedValue":"-22.3%"}.

      Now i want to apply the filter value to the visualization. i am using applyRangefilterasync() api,

      i am trying to apply "-22.3%" value on the filter in the following way =>  sheet.applyRangefilterasync("AGG(Profit Ratio)", {min:"-2.3%", max:"10.0%"},tableau.FilterUpdateType.REPLACE) which is not working and throws and error. INVALID_FILTER_ FIELDNAME_OR_VALUE