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    Formula needed for time limited filter

    Lucie P

      Hi All


      I have a standard financial results data sheets containing trade product/ customer/ sales.

      I would like to count the volume sold but only over a LIMITED period of time (the year implemented + 1 year plus).


      I started to tackle this issue by creating a separate data sheet which contains all customer/trade product & date the first sales were achieved.

      Now I would like to ask your help to get a formula which will define:

      - sales are only accounted for the year implemented + 1 year plus.


      That said: if product 1234 was implemented at customer ABCD on April 2016, I want to see on the chart the volume sold of this product at this customer for April-December 2016 and full year 2017. But I do NOT want to count these sales in January 2018 onwards.


      Any idea how to do it?


      the example workbook attached (version 10.1.15)


      Many thanks!