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    HELP: Cross-Database Filter on the same worksheet

    Keanue Wei Chien Goh

      Hi, cross-database filter work across different data sources when using different worksheets. However, I recently created a table that feeds in multiple data sources with different dates for each data source and the filter doesn't seem to work. Could anyone give me some idea on how to proceed?


      An example is that I have two products A & B

      Each has a different number of Leads (Table 1) and successfully converted Leads (Table 2).

      The dates when the leads are created is different from when the leads were successfully converted.

      Thus, I am pulling data from different Tables.


      My relationship is Leads created at from Table 1 and Leads successfully converted datetime from Table 2

      My filter is a date filter. I.E I want to see how many Leads were there at a specific time and how many leads were converted at a specific time.


      Thus my table looks something like this


      Product AProduct B
      Successfuly Converted Leads24