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    Improve performance of stacked bar charts

    Aravindan Balasubramanian

      Dear Community,


      Thank you all for your support during tricky requirements and designs. I have one such performance issue related scenario now. I have 3 sets of bar-charts which calculate 2 complex metrics: which are in-turn a combination of metrics based on the quick filters selected. A key requirement is to stack the delta value by the dimensions shown in the snapshow below.

      I have used a parameter control and assigned integer values in the backend for each dimension: Region, Mix1, etc is 1,2 etc. I have then created a calculated field with case statement that picks the dimension as per user selection. I then moved the calculated field on the color-shelf of all 3 bar charts


      The average time taken after performance recording is close to 1.5 minutes and its not acceptable by the user.  Anyone has a more efficient way to achieve this?

      Much appreciate your support.


      Thank you