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    Replace red fields in columns/rows

    Michele Lo Giacco

      Good morning, everybody.

      I'm new in this Forum, so please apologize me in advance, if this question has been already answered.

      I would like to improve the formal expression within a calculated field and make it more simple.

      I mean using "([Jan 2018]+[Feb 2018]+[Mar 2018])/3" instead of "(SUM([Jan 2018])+SUM([Feb 2018])+SUM([Mar 2018]))/3", which is actually the same.

      But, after doing that, the fields in columns/rows turn to red (please see picture below).

      In this case I should delete the "red" version and replace them with the new one.

      But I should do it for all the sheets where it shows up and set again all the related charts.

      Is there a way to "resuscitate" the green/blue fields, without replacing them and, above all, without setting again the charts ?

      Thanks a lot in advance.

      Kind Regards

      Michele Lo Giacco