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    Tooltip Formatting - Query Results

    Monika Wright

      I am so confused and out of my league. But please please help!!! I would like to create tooltip, that when hovering or clicking on the data point, returns the information in the following diagram (number of advertisements associated with each county for years 1750-1799). But, I would like to add the search results when the user performs a query. For instance, the user hypothetically wants to search for any advertisements that contain the words yellow, brown, and copper. If a user were to perform that search, the search result for Rowan County would be 2. In that instance, I would the like the tooltip to keep the existing language and sum total that it has for Rowan County (see pic below) but also add the following language: Your search for yellow, brown, and copper parameters returned  X advertisements. Please help. I do not now how to make the search language and search result appear conditionally in the tooltip.