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    Calculate Active at end of every month

    Vijay Kumar

      Hi Friends,


      I am trying a line chart which shows - how many tickets Opened(created), closed and active (open) tickets at end of every month (for example at end of 31 mar 11:59 PM). I created open event and closed event views in SQL and able to bring the Opened and Closed count for every month even though we have 2 separate date columns (Created On Datetime for Opened and Completed On for Closed).


      I am not able to bring the Active @ EOM since 1000 tickets would have been active at end of Feb but now this value will not stay just like that since these 1000 might have got closed in March. Instead of seeing how many active ticket we currently have, I want to see the count of tickets that was open at the End of every month.Any suggestions.



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