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    Averaging with LOD Expressions appears Erratic (v10.3.1)

    Nikola Stojanovic

      I am using Tableau Desktop v10.3.1, and I am trying to run averages of reviewer rankings for a range of proposals that were assigned to them. I have been trying numerous things and I just can't seem to get any consistency for the end calculations. In some instances the average is exactly what it should be, in others it is close. and then in other instances it is completely off. I cannot attach a workbook due to the nature of the data but have provided some screenshots to illustrate the point; I hope this is acceptable and/or useful.


      I am only dealing with a tabular view, using the following dimensions and measures:

      1. Reviewer (dimension)
      2. znAvg (calculated field): { EXCLUDE [Proposal], [Ratings], [Rating]: SUM([Ratings]) / COUNT([Ratings])   }
      3. Proposal (dimension)
      4. Ratings (calculated field): ZN([Rating]), also placed on Marks Card text just for a different form of table calculation
      5. Rating (measure)
      6. Submission cycle (dimension, filter)


      All I am after is displaying the Reviewer's Name, the Reviewer's Average Ranking for proposals across their lifetime (FIXED LOD?) and their Average Ranking for a specific submission cycle as determined by that filter, the Proposals they rated, and the specific rating for those proposals. I have other things to layer in but have run into this issue early on and I'm not sure why. I computed other averages that seem to work fine.


      Thanks for any advice on this.