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    Tableau Server - Subscription - Best Practices

    Benjamin Arnulf

      Hi All,


      I would like to have your opinion on the subscription functionality of Tableau Server and understand the best practices.


      We have currently close to 3,000 daily subscriptions scheduled for around 5,000+ server interactors/publishers.

      We have more and more users using this functionality and we start to see some delay on the 08:00AM schedule.


      What are the best practices? Do you setup subscription schedules every 15 minutes? Do you allow subscriptions during core business hours?

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          mark santino

          Hi Benjamin -


          There are several variables that can impact delivery of subscriptions,, and in particular server performance. You didn't supply any information about your server environment, so I'll share some general recommendations. These aren't in any particular order:


          • Subscriptions are a scheduled tasks; the tasks are handled by the Backgrounder. The Backgrounder also handles extract refreshes, so the number of Backgrounders you have configured, and their distribution (is it a single node or cluster?) will play a role in overall throughput.
          • Do you have different schedules to handle the various dashboards?
          • Consider the priorities in the schedule. Is everything running at the default value (50), or have you taken the time to modify schedule priority according to requirements?
          • Normally, Tableau server will push subscriptions to the top of the queue, because they typically run faster than an extract refresh. Are you seeing contention? Is the Backgrounder timing out? You can check the server admin views for specifics: Background Tasks for Non Extracts
          • In terms of scheduling times, that is really your call. If the data that supports a dashboard is only updated once a day, it doesn't sound practical to have a subscription run every 15 min. Similarly, if the data has NOT changed, there's no point in sending the subscription. Use the server option to "not run the subscription" if there isn't any change to the data.
          • If possible, consider running subscriptions off hours. That way, your users will find the mail in the morning when they open their mailbox.


          Mark ....

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            mark santino

            Hi Benjamin -


            I neglected to add this link in my previous reply: How Scheduled Server Tasks are Prioritized


            Mark ....