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    Union by position

    Eric Liong

      Hi all,


      Is union by position not currently a feature in Maestro 0.4?


      Currently I can re-name all my fields to match however this is time consuming and doesn't work with more files/fields.

      Currently I have 4 data collectors from my Tableau Server returning server status. (Ram memory usage etc).


      These files are in separate locations which currently can't be unioned in Tableau but can be unioned in Maestro. In Maestro I'm able to get one server view showing all server node status.


      I tried searching around but haven't found anything yet.



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          Joshua Milligan



          This would be an incredibly useful feature and I would very much endorse it!


          In the meantime, if you are using files as the data source, then you might consider checking the "Generate field names automatically" on the Text Settings tab of the Input step:



          Then, Maestro will assign automatic names to each field (F1, F2, F3, etc...).  That will give you a consistent positional name for each field for the union.  The tedious step will be renaming after the union, but at least it's just once per field and not once per field per file!


          Hope that helps!


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            Eric Liong

            Thanks Joshua!


            I reviewed the behavior in Tableau Desktop and got virtually the same results. So it looks like a union by position just by a different name.


            I think it's one of those options where there's a disconnect between the title and function (At least in my brain)

            Kind of like explaining the hundredth time that "Show sheets as tabs" up ends our workbook inherited permissions.


            Supposedly 2018.1 adds some more explanation, guess I'll have to hop onto the beta to find out!