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    Performance Profile Plot

    Tim Holzmann

      In the attached Tableau 10.3 packaged workbook, I have data for two algorithms that were both run on the same set of problems.  I am trying to build a chart that gives two line graphs (one for each algorithm) showing the percent of problems solved within a given timeframe.  This type of plot is called a performance profile.  A previous question by Dan Meier on these forums is very similar, but was unanswered.


      On sheet 1 I have a scatter plot that plots the points that I want, but I can't figure out how to make it show up as a line graph.


      On sheet 2 I have the kind of line graph that I need, but the points are wrong.  This is easiest to see in the upper tails, where both algorithms couldn't finish about 15% of the problems in the 1800 second time limit.  Thus, both graphs should have vertical lines from ~85% up to 100% (see Sheet 1).  Instead Sheet 2 aggregates all these too-long problems and interpolates between the running time at ~85% and  the 1800 second running time at 100%.  This makes it look like (for example) OBM2 could solve 92% of the problems in 1000 seconds, which is not true.


      How do I get the plot on Sheet 1 to show up as a line graph without Tableau aggregating and presenting interpolated running times?