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    Issue with Corner Shading in Tableau 10.5

    Srinivas Yalamarthi



      We have identified a formatting bug after upgrading to 10.5 , Can someone go through this and let us know if there is any potential workaround for this ?


      Issue 1:

      The bug appears when a workaround is used in Tableau to display the column titles on the top part of the table and not on the bottom. Tableau natively has the primary column titles on the bottom and in order to place them on the top a workaround is applied.

      When this workaround is applied you still need to have the bottom column titles present (they cannot be removed without the ones on top at the same time being that they are the primary labels). When this is done it creates 2 corners in the table (top left corner with the filed labels and a bottom left corner which is blank).


      Until now when the corner shading was set to a different color then default only the top left  corner would have been colored. Starting In 10.5 the shading is applied even to the bottom left one which does not contain any labels, Check the below screenshot and attached workbooks in both the versions 10.3 and 10.5

      Corner formatting.jpg



      Issue 2: Tried for a workaround to address the above issue, But we got a different behavior on the desktop application vs the server application


      When the Bottom left corner shading can be changed to white in 10.5 DESKTOP – by changing the header color to white at workbook shading level,  but it will not render the same on the 10.5 server (even though it’s now white in desktop on the server it remains blue as shown in below screenshot and attached workbook that has the workaround which is different on desktop to server).


      Corner formatting On Server.jpg