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    How to calculate room usage based on date?

    Virginie Bocard

      Good Afternoon:


      Here's the issue I'm trying to resolve. I have a list of rooms (total of 6), and the list of dates when the rooms are scheduled. What I'm trying to do is the following:

      - calculate room usage: for example I want to know that on April 7 only 2 rooms were booked out of 6 (which represents a 33.3% usage)

      - I also want to know which room were not used (the other 4) and list them as available.

      - also, if at all possible, i would also like to do the same for a range date (say between April 6-7), how many were booked vs how many were available, and which ones were available?


      I'm attaching a sample workbook.

      I appreciate your help and guidance.