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    Can this be done by filter, not a parameter?

    Katya Parvanova

      Hello everyone! I need some help with my task, I started to use Tableau very soon, and I am stuck in one case.

      I should make a table:

      Id | First name | Last Name | Amount for Period1 * 12 | Amount for Period2 *12| Variance Period2 – Period1


      Period2 must be selected from 2 dropdowns (filters) – for year, and for month – but only March, June, September, December

      And Period1 is 3 months earlier, for example P1=December 2017 and P2=March 2018. So only Period2 is selected, Period1 must be calculated. Only amounts for salary must be shown, and the number should be multiplied by 12.

      It's done but by using parameters for dropdowns. I need this to be done by filter which will get the appropriate years from the datasource and add the new year when it comes.

      Please help.