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    How to remove auto hide of labels in line graph

    Prasad N



      I have line graph with three measures A,B and Total. Sometimes when two measure values are same then one label only displayed in graph as highlighted in black circle (14-Feb to 18 Feb dates).


      Attached Tableau workbook. Please help how to remove this issue. I want all measure labels to be displayed even measure values are same

      Example:19-Feb to 22-Feb  dates has two measure same value. There all measure labels are displayed in graph. But why 14-Feb to 18 Feb all measure values not displayed ?





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          Ken Flerlage

          You can click on a label and manually move it, but that's dangerous and will usually fall apart. Various changes to your data will wipe it out, etc.


          The better approach might be to remove the labels altogether. With a visual representation of this data, the labels just add unnecessary clutter. Remove them and allow people to get more detailed info via the tooltips.


          If you absolutely must have labels, then what about using a small multiple chart? Drag Measure Names to the Rows shelf and that will create three separate charts, one for each measure. This is a great way to show overlapping data like in your line chart.