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    Creating historical sparklines in a table

    Paige Blackstone

      Hello again everyone!


      I posted a similar question a bit earlier about the same dashboard I want to create in tableau. I have attached a screenshot of the wireframes I have created in PowerPoint for your reference. My other question about this was regarding the order of measures and dimensions in the "news feed" table.


      What I would like to do is create historical sparklines in both the "news feed" table, and the "daily client impact view" table. These sparklines will be based on two separate data sets. For the "Daily client impact view" it will just be the aggregated impact scores over x amount of days for all incident types. For the one in the "news feed", it will be the aggregated score for each client for the specific KPI that is listed. Can anyone please assist with making this happen?


      Any help provided will be greatly appreciated. Thank you again in advance!!

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          Jeevan Krishna

          Hello Paige


          The question  hasn't been answered for last 48 hrs since the question is not framed properly and relevant data/sample files are not provided for ease of understanding your question.Please do provide as much info as possible so that the community can answer your queries as soon as possible.


          Since we do not have data available, I have explained the solution from what I have understood from the question.


          It seems, you just need how to place your dimensions and measures to create spark lines. This is pretty simple.


          Look at this example



          In the above image consider Category and Sub-category are dimensions similar to your Client and KPI, Sales is similar to your impact metric and Month(Order Date) in column can be replaced by any other date field.


          Any sparkline chart can be built in a similar way.


          Hope this helps.


          Please follow up in case of any more questions right here or through twitter @gvsjkrishna

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            Paige Blackstone

            Hi Jeevan,


            unfortunately I don't have the actual data we will be using for this yet. I have simply created a small set of "dummy" data just to use for experimental purposes. In any case, I have attached a packaged workbook alongside the wireframes of how I would like it to look for your reference. Please let me know what you think. Thank you again for all your help!

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              Paige Blackstone

              Also, I may have already mentioned this, but ideally I would like to put these sparklines in the same table as the other data items indicated in the wireframes such as client, date, KPI, comment, etc.


              Let me know if you think this is possible!

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                Jeevan Krishna

                Hello Paige,


                I do not have the right version of Tableau to view your workbook but from what I could understand, I have provided the image in the above post.


                So, the image shows that the sparklines can be shown on the same page along side different variables. But, as I see your wireframes, they cannot be directly replicated. Tableau has multiple workarounds in terms of simulating these views.


                There is an excellent resource on converting excel like tables to tableau in this link - http://community.tableausoftware.com/message/171852  and Tableau Public


                Hope this helps