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    Sorting in a stacked Bar chart.


      Hello All,

      I have recently started working on Tableau and was running in to some challenges in developing the dashboards. I was hoping that some one will assist in providing a solution for the same.


      Here is my scenario -

      I have a sample data set as below -


           DATENAMEMeasure AMeasure BMeasure C                   TOTAL
      31-Mar-17FOOD 3.900.64.5
      31-Mar-17HEALTH 11.70011.7
      31-Mar-17HOLDING 0000


      Similarly, I have more number of rows for multiple time period's. My requirement is to create a stacked bar chart with Measure A, Measure B & Measure C along with the 2 dimensions. Based on the Total and Max Date for each name in the data set, I need to show the top N names. For the same Names, I also need to show the data for prior months as well. The Total shouldn't be show in the chart.


      I tried to apply the sorting based on the Total.by default Tableau is considering the totals based on the entire data set and is displaying Top N name based on the parameter control. But my requirement is show the top N names by considering max date with in the data set and for the same top n names it should also show for the prior months as well.