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    Order of dimensions and measures

    Paige Blackstone

      Hi Everyone!


      So I need some help with creating a table in Tableau. I have created wireframes for a dashboard(in PowerPoint) that I would like to recreate exactly as is in Tableau. I have attached the wireframe as a screenshot to this post for your reference.


      Basically what I would like to do is have the "news feed" table exactly in the order its in on the attached screenshot. I understand that dimensions are to come before measures (or vise versa, whichever one it is). However, I want to be able to place the "severity" indicators before the dimensions such as "client", "KPI", and "Comments". Can someone kindly help to explain how I can do this without having to break the newsfeed out into two separate tables? The reason I do not want to break it into two different tables is because there will be a lot of data in the actual build out that will require the user to scroll down, and I do not want these two portions of the table to scroll separately.


      Any assistance with this matter is greatly appreciated! I look forward to hearing your responses. Thank you all!