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    Splunk and Tableau = slow speed, Null data fields (Suggestions??)

    Garima Vohra

      Hello All,


      I have been asking questions since past few days about graphs or Tableau Splunk error. I finally solved everything and my dashboard was complete but 2 more problems emerged, which I seek your opinion/solution on-


      1.  From the Tableau server when I am trying to see the back data, some of the rows are showing "Null".  My data source is Splunk. Most amazing thing is the calculated fields from Slunk and Tableau are showing their values but not the directly read data fields?? Anybody dealt with the same, how did you resolve it?


      2. When I publish the dashboard to Tableau server the dashboarding loading takes lot (minute and 15 seconds ) of time and the filters are very very slow.. I get it that since the data source is Splunk, Tableau is taking time to customize stuff, but again is there any solution to this??


      Please, let me know what you think.


      Thanks a lot