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    How do I create a crosstab which shows "Nothing to report" when there are no rows to be presented after filtering?

    Tiago-Mateus Korynek

      I have two crosstabs set up so that I can filter the data in my Access Databases (NOTE THAT IT IS "DATABASES" 1 FOR EACH WORKSHEET - SLIGHTLY INEFFICIENT I KNOW, BUT NECESSARY) to show me the recent events in a certain week.


      The crosstabs are set up slightly differently so I will refer to them separately as there might be different techniques to use.


      For the first crosstab, the data is filtered by a DelayWeekFilter which identifies which Delays in the Delay Database match up with Flights in the Flight Database. This gives a True or False and I filter to see only the Trues. I have other filters being at the same time which are Week Number, Type, and most importantly Code. Code for some reason shows up with either values of either Null, 41 or 46. The 41 and 46s are what I am interested in, however there may be weeks where I don't have any instances of 41s or 46s. Therefore I would like to see the row which shows the text of "Null" in every column of my crosstab. That way I can change the alias of Null to show " " and then in one cell I will write "Nothing to report during this period." in place of Null. I have been able to get this to work, however I can't seem to change the alias of the Date column is there any workaround for this? I have tried playing around with creating a calculated field using IF ISNULL(Date) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END and using this for conditional formatting however I can't seem to get it to make the text white to blend in with the background.

      The second crosstab however does not give me any null value rows due to the data coming from one sole database. This then makes it considerably harder for me to think of a way to create this Nil for the period row to appear.


      Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to approach this? I have considered using textbox objects to recreate the same crosstab format, however Tableau seems to make changing borders a really difficult process and I cannot make it look the same due to overlapping borders etc causing them to be thicker.


      Unfortunately I do not have a workbook to share at the moment as the one I am working on is confidential, but I may be able to provide one soon...


      Currently using Tableau 10.4.1.