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    Create a correct calculated field

    Jesus  Fandino

      Hello Tableau Community.

      I'm new to Tableau and I'm working hard trying to figure out a number of things. I have a dataset of ATP matches (tennis) from 2000 to 2005. It contains a number of columns, including tourney_id, tourney_name, tourney_date, winner_name, loser_name,  etc. Each row represents a tennis match and the columns provide the context for it. I was able to accurately calculate the number of wins for each of all players in the given period by creating a calculated field (I'm working in parallel using python, so I'm sure whenever I have the correct answers). The same for the number of loses. What I find nonintuitive is to create a field for the number of matches played in that period for each tennis player.  (It should be as easy as to add both of the previously created fields, but my problem is that I do not have at this moment a single field for player names, I have two instead, one for losers and another for winners), this task should be easy, I just don't know how to proceed. Any help will be much appreciated.