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    Filters - showing first option in relevant values list rather than previous selection

    Lucie Brett

      Hello everyone,


      I have a series of filters which are all set to show only relevant values and the show "all" value has been deselected (apart from one which is based on type). If I change the type filter, then the other filters will still show the previous selection but in brackets if not relevant.The chart will show no data. I would like the filters to revert to the top option of the only relevant values, is this possible? I've been searching the forum and similar questions have been asked but I can't find a solution.


      A way to get around this (I thought) was to reset all filters (Creating a Button to Reset All Filters in a Dashboard | Tableau Software ) however this actually resets them all to show all even though I have deselected the show "all" values option. I can't have this as I need to limit each data point on the canvas to only show one row of data due to pre-aggregation within the data.


      If anyone has any experience of this or useful tips, I'd be grateful.