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    Problem filtering a whole workbook from URL


      Hi all,


      I'm quite new to Tableau so I'm thinking maybe I missed an option or something.


      The problem I try to solve is the following:


      I built a workbook including data for 10 Regions, each region having 5 districts. However when publishing on the server, I want to give access to one region only by adding a filter in the URL (?Region=XXX).
      (obviously the url will be hidden so the user won't be able to change it and access other regions).

      I want the user to see the dashboards as if there was only one region (so the region filter will have only one value), and the district filter to have only the 5 values that are associated to the region.


      My workbook uses several data sources, all having the (linked) Region variable as a filter. However, I can't figure out how to tackle this problem.
      I tried setting the Region filters to "show only relevant values", which works when I open the workbook but stops working as soon as I switch to another tab using a different data source (I can then see all the Regions).
      I also tried to set the filter to "apply to all sheets using a related data source", but same issue.


      Browsing the forums I saw there was different other options like adding the region filter to context, or Actions filters, but I'm not familiar at all with those concepts.


      Would anyone know what's the best way to do this ?


      Thanks a lot!