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    Tool tip on column headers and conditional tool tips on tabular report

    Kapil Lehar
      1. I'm trying to show tool-tips for my column headers in tableau. So that whenever the user hovers over the column id, he can know what exactly he is looking out for. Eg. On Order id column name I want a text which says " Order Ids are unique and represent an order that the customer placed over the counter". Similarly a different tool-tip for the next column header.

      I have googled and came to know that this has be submitted as an idea here , but there are also workarounds available which i'm not able to implement on a tabular report. The link for that goes here.



      1. I also wanted to know how can I add tool tips for dimensions(for data and not column headers this time). I can see that for measure values I can add a tool-tip but not for the dimensions(in a tabular report)

      What I want to achieve here is : when the Ship Mode is : Standard Class then if I hover on the respective rows of data, then it should read " Email ABC for more on these orders". Likewise if it is Second class it would be " Email XYZ for more on these orders". Screenshot below :