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    Connect GA User Explorer (User ID) report




      I am trying to get connected with Google Analytics data and I can't find a way to connect and have available in Tableau Desktop the report Audience --> User Explorer.



      I am aware there are many dimensions / sections of GA that can't be directly connected to Tableau and I might need to have a Cloud Data Warehouse where to store my data from GA to then import all of this to Tableau. So I am open to any suggestion in this sense too, if there is nothing that can enable me to fix this through a few clicks.


      Thank you in advance for your help.

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          Hello Francesco,


          I am not aware of a method of connecting to this specific piece of information in the Google Analytics data source. Do you happen to have some more information behind what is being represented by the number? I could possibly make suggestions to work around the issue.



          Byrne, Patrick

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            Hi Patrick,


            Thank you very much for your answer and help.


            The number being represented is the User ID of our customers, so it is a unique value which is assigned to our customers no matter the device they are using to make their purchases. Our customers can purchase either through our website our through our app.


            I would like to be able to pull out this dimension from Google Analytics, because this would easily enable us to merge two big Data Sources we are using in our company, which are still not communicating between themselves so far.


            I am not sure if you might need some additional information to better understand the problem, but please let me know!


            Thank you and have a good day.