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    Bug in filter action.

    Luis Garcia

      I have a map sheet map with 2 marks, on with dimension country only and other with dimensions country + type (pie chart), both showing SUM(Value1)


      When I select 'something' in map, i just only want show in other sheet information about selection done in map sheet. Then I create and very simple sheet with just only SUM(Value1)


      Then I create a very simple dashboard with Map and Total sheets, click in 'Use as a Filter' in map sheet, and then, when I 'select something' in a map, the expected information in Total sheet would be:


      1) SUM(Value1) depending of selection

      2) Fields Country & Type same as selection in a map.


      Problem with 1) expected behavior explained in: Selection in a map with pie chart.


      Because seems it is not possible make only one Total sheet for 'selection action' in a map, I create two total sheets, one for one type of filter (only country) and one for the other (country + type), then i found another trouble/bug.


      When I select a country, not problem:





      But, when I select a Country+Type in a mark with pie chart, doesnt works well; show SUM(Value1) ok, but wrong information about filter applied.




      Attach workbook version 10.4.