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    Color issue

    vamshi reddy

      Hi team,


      Have a issue with the color,i have a condition like >300% blue color and 300% to 150% yellow and <150% red color .Wrote a if condition and when i see in the workbook the colors are coming with the filters changes also but after publishing the workbook when i opened the dashboard link then i can see the color changes for some conditions.What could be the reason

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          Ken Flerlage

          I don't understand what you're saying. Could you upload a packaged workbook to help provide some context?

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            Peter Fakan

            Hi Vamshi, + what Ken said.


            My initial thoughts are you are simply putting the % inside your calculated field, but have calculated this by using the quick table calculations menu. To get around this, you need to put the full equation inside the calculated field.





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              vamshi reddy



              We are doing some calculation to get the data.Based on the values we are putting some color codes for the values,when i see the values in the workbook i am getting the correct color codes.After publishing the dashboard when i access the dashboard using URL it is coming up with different colors.