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    Date issue from data source

    Chatchai Chattirak



      I got the problem of loading the date from MS Excel. It seems different format when loading to Tableau

      From my image, left side is MS Excel and right side is Tableau

      I also change to Date type but it doesn't work, String as well


      Can you help me this issue?

      I use 10.3 v


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          Jeevan Krishna

          I see that you are trying to connect to arctic ice dataset from data.world through web connector.


          I have replicated the same steps of connecting to any dataset from data.world and I could load data without any problem.


          Please retry and let us know if you are facing the same issue again.

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            Don Wise

            Hello Chatchai Chattirak,


            It appears, based on the screenshot on the right hand side you've provided, that you simply need to change the data type from ABC to Date. Click on the ABC icon that field/column. 


            The field name is Date, but the field type is not being recognized by Tableau as Date.


            Hope that helps, Don


            If this works, please mark this reply as correct, so that others searching for the same issue will have a solution.