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    Help: Showing Missing values(blank point) In A Line Graph

    Sergio Brígida

      Hi community


      I have the following problem:

      I have a one-day time series with a frequency of 5 minutes, that is, I should have 288 points to create a line graph. But there are certain hours / minutes that I do not have points for example:

      ..... 3:00  3:05   3:10   3:15 .......

      .....           10       14      15 ......

      3:00 is a missing value.

      When I create a line chart to display the time series the line chart only connects the points we have. I want the chart to show missing values in my time series. Is there something I need to do with this data so that it appears correctly?


      In this table you can see that there are missing values:

      (1<- value exist , blank<- no value for this time interval)


      and when I make a graph and I would like to see the time series with the points that I have and a break (blank) in the missing points: