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    Votes on Active Ideas vs. Released Ideas

    Cathy Bridges

      I don't understand...


      But if I were in charge of product development, it would be my goal to start with all the red stuff and git er done!


      And this viz caps out at 60+, but I'm pretty sure a good portion of unreleased ideas have way more votes than that.


      So I have an idea (https://community.tableau.com/ideas/8637). Reserve time at the next conference for a town hall meeting on the top X unreleased ideas.


      If there's a great reason or challenge preventing release, fine, say so. If you're not sure what we mean (like the notorious "Dynamic Parameters"), ask us.


      One of the very best "features" of Tableau isn't a "feature". It's the culture of collaboration between the company and the customer. Let's do this.