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    Tableau Extract API Code Performance in comparison with Tableau Desktop 10.5

    pavan pothnis

      Hi Team,


      We have an application that connects to any source and creates a TDE extract using Tableau SDK code using Java.


      with Hyper and 10.5.x we have modified the same to use Tableau Extract Code to create Hyper Extracts. The time Tableau Desktop takes to create an Extract and Tableau Extract Code to create an extract from the same source doesn't match up.


      we are seeing a 10X performance improvement with the time taken to create Hyper Extract on 10.5 Desktop in comparison with the time taken to create TDE extract on 10.4 Desktop, However when comparing the time taken by Tableau SDK Code and tableau extract code we only see 7-14 % improvement. The margin of this difference is huge.


      Is there any performance benchmark available for Tableau SDK Code vs Tableau Extract code. Does Tableau Desktop use the same code to create an extract that is available for Download, please let us know about this so we will find a way to get the code perform as Tableau Desktop?


      in nutshell Does Tableau Claim same performance improvement with Tableau Extract Code as with Tableau Desktop.