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    Multiple Linear Regression

    Omkar Ranade

      I am an enthusiast in Tableau, and have also implemented quite some features that can help business to grow with forecasting and predictive modelling.




      Currently, I am looking on a concept, if we can work and implement it in Tableau, which is Multiple Linear Regression.


      Please see this below link for an example:




      Now, as you know in multiple linear regression, we need a intercept or a constant and minimum these parameters - One dependent parameter, and more than one Independent parameters. As in this case, sale of icecream is a dependent parameter on Temperature and Income.


      Having said that, Temperature and Income, both are independent parameters and not related to each other.


      MY QUERY IS:


      1.Can we implement a Multiple Linear Regression in Tableau?

      2. If yes, then Can we implement this 3d looking graph as provided in the above link?

      3. If we cannot do both of this, as you know we can implement Multiple Linear Regression in R language, hence after implementing the same in R, can we integrate 3d looking graph in Tableau with the help of R language? If yes, then how?