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    Can you use calculated fields to return a measure based on dimension criteria & matching?

    Anthony Claypool



      I'm an educator working on an analysis project in which I'd like to see how much a given measure value (in this case, percentile) has changed from the baseline assessment. The data is tall, with 1 row per student per discipline per term (three terms annually). 


      I would like to be able to call the baseline percentile to the row for the current observation by matching  discipline and student ID number.


      TermStudent IDDisciplinePercentileProjected GrowthActual GrowthMet Target?
      Spring 2015-20161234Reading131215Y
      Spring 2015-20161234Math45107N
      Spring 2016-20171234Reading271720Y
      Spring 2016-20171234Math4388Y
      Spring 2017-20181234Reading311011Y


      In this dummy example, I'd like to be able to either create a calculated field on the row for Spring 2017-2018, Reading calling on the percentile from (either and/or both in separate fields) Spring 2015-16 and/or Spring 2016-17, Reading for that specific student.


      If I were working in Excel, I'd use an index match, but I'm having trouble doing the same thing in Tableau.  I'm sure it's something obvious I'm missing.  Is there a way to return a value from another row by matching multiple fields?


      Any help is appreciated.