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    Need help to get logic

    Tulu Sahoo

      Hi All,


      I have one table having two years of data i.e from Jan 2017 to Apr 2018. Also having 3 fields which need to be used in my logic . following are the fields name:


      common date:-(eg:2017-01-01)-data type date

      month date:-(eg:1,2...12)-int

      year date:-(eg: 2017,2018)-int

      month name:-(jan 2017, feb 2018 ...)-string


      now i want to create two parameter which will show on my dashboard one is Month Start and another  is Month End. Once user will select one month from Month Start and another month from Month End then dashboard should all the months present between two parameter. Below is the eg for requirements.


      user selection:

      Month Start- May 2017

      Month End- Feb 2018


      Then dashboard should display May 2017, Jun 2017 ....till Feb 2018.


      Please help me how to build this logic by using the above fields. Please consider two year of data in my table.