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    Refreshing a Desktop's live connection to Server or extracting data from SQL Table?

    Nicholas Xavier

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm new and self taught in the use of Tableau and the topic of data sources is my weakest area.


      Background Info: The company has a Tableau Server but not all users have access. The remaining local users have Tableau Reader to access workbooks stored locally. The Tableau Server data sources are extracts that are pulled from a SQL database daily. We use AutoIt to generate the extracts used in the locally store workbooks. These extracts pull data from the SQL database.


      Problem: Some of the extracts for the remaining local users are large and take too long to complete or even fail from time to time.


      Question: Which is better: Use AutoIT to have the workbooks' connection to Tableau Server data sources refreshed after those extracts are completed OR use AutoIt to generate the extracts from the SQL database?


      Using a picture as the question:

      using AutoIt to do the extract or refresh connection.