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    suppress initial rendering of reports

    Kevin Liu

      When running a report from the Tableau Server, Tableau first renders the report based on the filters specified when the report is published to the server. And only then you are allowed to changes the filters & parameters. Because of the complexity of the filters & parameters, this process takes more than 5 minutes for my reports.


      Is there a way to skip the initial rendering process and allows me to set the filters immediately after starting the report?

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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Kevin,


          As a workaround you may want to use

          a 'dummy' field (a calc with just one value)

          as a 'Filter Switch' on a view.


          Setting this filter (upon publishing)

          to initially exclude a (single) value

          would render an empty view.


          Upon opening a view on a server

          a user would set other filters as necessary,

          then check (All) value on a Dummy filter,

          making a view to render some Marks.


          Besides, all other Quick Filters on a view --

          or at least those being used at the start --

          should be set to show All Values in Database.


          Setting any quick filter to show Only Relevant Values

          would make it useless for this 'filters on start' scenario.


          Please find the attached as an example (to publish).