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    Server Data Source


      I just came across a challenge. Please let me know if anyone can help me in this regards:


      The client wants me to create same report/dashboard to point to two different data sources.


      Example: I have a Sales Dashboard. Data source is Excel. Excel file is at H:\ drive of John. John is a sales manager. He likes to update his own data by himself. Alex is another sales manager. He maintains sales data in his own excel file in his H:/ drive. Both the Excel files have same look and feel with different data. Now, the client wants - If John opens the dashboard he should see his data and if Alex opens the dashboard he should see his data. Both of them should be able to change the data source and point to the appropriate one in Tableau Server.


      I gave them the below solutions. None of them is accepted:


      1) Create two different dashboards for two different persons with same look and feel pointing to their individual data sources.
      2) Create one data source and build and point the dashboard on it and at the front end apply security so that John see his data and Alex see his data.


      Any idea ?

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          suman kumar

          Hi suvas.chandra


          It looks like difficult but from my point of view for this solution, you can use User filter in Data Source.


          Please let me explain for this.

          1.) Create one column in each data source and put value name of the manager like if you have sales manager "Alex" then put "Alex" in all row of new created column and same process with another data source.


          2.) Now merge(Union) both data source together and create one table.

          3.) now create dashboard and use "User filter" or "Data source Filter" for that column where we have kept name of "manager" where you can restrict who can see which data.


          I think this can solve your problem.

          Please mark helpful if you are able to solve your problem with my solution.

          Please let me know if you don't understand my concept. I'll try to explain in different way.




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            It will be extremely helpful if you could please create an example workbook for me with dummy data. I would really appreciate that.