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    Standard Deviation Over time

    ken school

      Hi all,


      I am trying to compute the standard deviation over time on my data set. Please see below:



      The primary use case is to detect surge in counts for the field. However, the results I got shows a single standard deviation across the time frame. I am using a calculated field with WINDOW_STDEVP(count([item]))


      Due to the sensitive of the data, I can't upload the workbook, but following is the sample data set:


      time, item

      01-Dec, test

      02-Dec, test1

      02-Dec, test

      02-Dec, test2

      03-Dec, test

      04-Dec, test1


      The expected output will be the moving standard deviation and to detect a surge in the count of item at each time frame and in turn, increase in the standard deviation


      thank you so much!