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    Additional button - Tableau Server

    Paweł Chorążewski

      Hi guys,


      Kindly ask for customize my tableau server panel.

      I did pretty colour change in my top menu bar, following Changing color top bar tableau server


      but i can't to add additional button like USERS, TASKS.

      I can't find some tip for this.

      Could you help me?


      BR Paul

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          mark santino

          Hi Pawel -


          There are several methods of customizing the server interface, but the addition of out of context server administration tasks isn't one of them. If you're working within the framework of the server GUI, the menu options that are displayed on the tableau server interface are determined by the site role of the user signed in to the server. For example, if a server administrator or site administrator were to sign-in to the server, they would see options for USERS, GROUPS, SCHEDULES, TASKS, etc.; a site role other than those previously mentioned will not see these options.


          Mark ....

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            Paweł Chorążewski

            Hi Mark,


            Thank you for answering,

            Perhaps I didn't make myself clear before.

            I would like to add custom hyperlink (e.g. link to tableau community or google.com) to top bar with.

            Something like this



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              mark santino

              Hi Pawel -


              There is a limit to the level of customization you can do using TABADMIN or Project folder changes. If you want to go deeper, you will have to use Javascript.


              See here for the developer portal: Developer Forums


              Mark .....

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                Carisa Chang

                Hi Pawel,


                I wanted to confirm the change you've already made is not technically a change that is intended in Tableau Server - it won't be retained during an upgrade or a backup/restore of Tableau Server. Adding a url to the top bar is also not an available feature. If you'd like these added in the future, please add an Idea or vote on one that is already created on the Ideas forum:




                Thank you

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                  Andrew Macey

                  Simple example tested on 10.3.3. Remember to add to all nodes running Viz portal.


                  1.) Create file called ...\Tableau\Tableau Server\10.3\vizportalclient\public\add_google.js containing:


                  ------------------------- start -----------------------------

                  (function($, document, undefined) {


                      function addLink() {

                          window.setTimeout(function() {

                          console.log('Running add_Google.js ...');

                        $('span[data-tb-test-id="alerts-menu"]').closest('div').parent().before('<a href="https://www.google.com" target="_google_tab"><span style="color: white;">google</span></a>');

                          }, 1000)





                  })(jQuery, document, undefined);

                  ------------------------- end -----------------------------



                  2.) Edit ...\Tableau\Tableau Server\10.3\vizportalclient\public\en\vizportal.html (also consider vizportal.html.gz, vizportaldebug.html etc.) and add this before  </body></html> tags:


                  <script src="add_google.js?12345" type="text/javascript"></script>



                  Edited 4/24/18 to remove /thread/ that this page added to script tag.

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                    Mark Wu

                    Andrew Macey


                    This is very helpful. Do you know how to do this for V2019.2 and newer version?