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    Remove Share option from shared dashboard on tableau server


      Greetings to All,


      I am currently working on an assignment where I am developing tableau dashboards on tableau desktop version 10.3.1 and publishing them to tableau online server. After that I am sharing the tableau server URL to the UI person so that the dashboards can be embedded into another application. The customer views all the dashboards from that application. Now the requirements are-


      • The User should not see the share option which is present at the bottom.
      • When the user clicks on download option, he/she should only see the option for download to Crosstab or download to PDF ( the option for download Tableau Workbook, Image and Data should not appear)
      • The Download Crosstab should appear as Download Excel, mainly because the user may not know what does Crosstab means.


      Please let me know the way to achieve it, I would like to have an explanation on this as this is a requirement from my customer. (Attached image for reference)

      Tableau Online options.PNG



      Best Regards