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    Difference b/w subscription(scheduling) vs scripting


      Hello Everyone,


      Could anyone please explain me the difference, going with subscription(Scheduling) and creating scripts for extract refresh/ email.


      On tableau server for extract refresh or sending email to users, I can go with subscription option. Then what is the use of creating scripts and placing scripts on server.


      Example: 1) I need to refresh the extract at 9.00AM daily. I can create a schedule on server so that extract refreshes every day at 9:00AM.


      2) Created a script for extract refresh and placed on the server. scheduling team scheduled the refresh at 9.00AM daily.


      What is the difference between point 1 & 2. Why to go for scripting why not scheduling or VICE VERSA. What are the advantages and disadvantages.




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          Jambesh Mahapatra

          Hi Koushik,


          In the case of point -1 , Tableau will refresh the extract at the schedule time irrespective of your source table used in your data source  have data loaded or not .

          In scenario -2 : You have full control on when to trigger your extract ... example , you have a ETL job which load the table , Your script can wait for the ETL to finish loading the table (Once loading complete) you can have file watcher place on a shared path from ETL and your script will trigger the extract the moment it see a filewatcher(which means you have the latest data in table).

          Your script can also send customize email to a distribution list which you can't achieve in your scenario-1 .


          In scenario-1, You will get email only when extract failed not Success and secondly you can't send email to a distribution list  (it will send the extract owner).


          Hope this helps  with pros & cons of triggering the extract through script vs using the tableau server scheduler.


          Unless you want the custom option(setting dependency) on source/custom distribution on failure etc , you may not need the script option and the out of box schedule options work.




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            Excellent explaination Jambesh. I really liked the explaination.