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    Cross Sheet Filter - Limitation ? My Mistake?

    Karthikeyan Masialamani



      I have 2 excel sheet, one is called program and another one is Project.




      Program ProgramName Currency

      P1          P1_Name         USD

      P2          P2_Name         USD

      P3          P3_Name        USD





      Project Program ProjectName Active

      PR1     P1           PR1Name     1

      PR2     P1          PR2Name      0

      PR3    P1           PR3Name      1

      CN1   P2             CN1Name      1

      CN2   P2            CN2Name       1

      XP1   P3            XPName          1


      These two data's are in two different DataSource, So Data --> New Data Source , I just added both the data source in a single dashboard and then I enabled link between two sources ( Linking object : Program)


      In Sheet1, I need to display Program details.

      In Sheet2, I need to display Project Details.


      Finally both the sheet needs to be placed in a single dashboard. The common filter between Sheet1 & Sheet2 is Program. If I choose any program, It will get impact in both the filter.


      I added Program in Filter shelf and used 'Selected Worksheet --> Sheet2(Project)', If i choose any program it is reflecting only in Sheet1 (program) not in sheet2 (project).


      Am I missing something? I read that we can use parameters, but  we have to option to choose multiple program, so not interested to parameters, so pls dont say parameter option.


      is this a kind of limitation in tableau?


      we are using 10.5 desktop version.