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    Multiple Excel files, to Union or not, that is the question

    Ben Mastin

      Hello fellow Tableau Users,


      Thanks in advance for your assistance. Although, I use Tableau as part of my daily work, I am still learning and have a very specific question. Tasked with Risk Mitigation, I am building a View that compares several Sources to look for discrepancies in Order Entry. I have a Google sheet, Platform data that represents campaign setup and the original Insertion Order Excel files for each Campaign. There are some 200 Insertion Order Excel files.. Though I've used Unions in the past to combine multiple Excel files with the same layout and structure, this Case does not seem to lend itself to doing so. Each of the Excel files while similar in layout, is representative of a Campaign, rather than existing as aggregation of multiple Campaigns.


      Reasonably, I can place all the Files in a folder and use the Path name to align the File with the Campaign. How though can i map the Data in the Excel Files to the data in the Google Sheet, with so many files in play. Ideally, i would like to compare all the data within the same View, or at a minimum Filter down to the individual Campaign level.


      Thanks again for any feedback.