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    Tableau - Behind the scene

    Karthikeyan Masialamani



      I am a newbie to tableau ad started to work in tableau for the last 7 weeks. I would like to understand some basic tableau stuffs.


      1) Which programming language is used as the background of tableau? For Talend ETL tool- Java and for Datastage ETL tool - C++ like that which programming language is used?


      2) Which algorithm is used behind 'Filters' & 'Marks'? How Tableau internally handle 'Filters'? Say for example, I have 50 rows; Used 'Extract' option, so these 50 rows will be stored in the RAM and if I apply some filter how the filter will go to RAM and filter the required data? some kind of flow would be really good. The same way for 'Marks'.


      3) Which Standard is been used for Tableau ? say for example , SQL/Sybase used ANSI's SQL-92 and then SQL:2008 and so on. like this, Does tableau use anything similar to ANSI standard?


      4) Which DB is used as repository to store the report related information? In Datastage, Oracle/DB2 or XMETA can be used as the repository, We can also query something like

      SEECT * FROM DS_JOBS WHERE JOBID = <ID> to view a particular job details. Same way is there any option available to view a particular report details? I 'm not asking 'Describe Sheet'.


      5) I would like to know how many calculated fields are used in the entire project ( say for example --> 50 Dashboards--> 125 sheets --> how many calculated fields are there in these 125 sheets, can we get answer for these kind of questions? may be no requirement for this, but is the option available or not? )


      6) In DB, Temp DB is used for SORTING & AGGREGATION operations. Which memory area is used for Sorting & Aggregation in Tableau?


      7) Which algorithm is used for SORT & AGGREGATION ?


      8) SQL/Sybase is designed based on SET THEAORY and it uses CBT (Cost Based Optimizer) Optimizer to optimize the query. Again, which theory ( I mean If I have 10,000 rows , does Tableau  read all the rows sequentially or parallel) is used behind TABLEAU and which optimizer is used ?



      Tableau Experts inputs are welcome!



      Karthik M