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    How to Select Which Filter to Apply

    Pamela Germain

      I am currently using 3 parameters and a calculation to drive what shows on a chart. I need to remove 2 of the parameters because they are not dynamic

      and replace them with filters with the relevant option. My problem is that based on the remaining parameter selection I want one of the filters to apply and not the other

      when the 1st parameter value is selected and the reverse when the other parameter value is selected. There are many more details in the attached workbook (v10.5.0)

      with 1 dashboard using the parameters and how it currently works and 1 changing to filters and how it is not working.



      I have full access to the data on a SQL server, so if adding columns or calculations on the backend will help, I can do that. I am open to all suggestions.

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          Joe Oppelt

          In the attached I remived your bottom chart and replaced it with a container.  I made a copy of the bottom chart, and named one Region and the other Segment.  I shoved both sheets into that container.  And I deleted the titles.  (There's a reason for this.)


          Then I made a calc that I use as a filter on both sheets.  One is set to "Region" and the other to "Segment".  Now only one sheet displays at a time depending on which value of the parameter is selected.

          This is called sheet swapping.


          Next I went to one of the other sheets and edited "Apply to" for the Region and the Segment filters.  I applied the respective one to the appropriate sheet.


          Now the proper sheet displays, and it has the respective filter activated (and ignores the other.)


          I did this in the Using Filter dashboard.


          See attached.

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            Pamela Germain

            Thank you for tackling this and providing a great solution. I have been so close to this that sheet swapping didn't even occur to me. I can see how it will work so I will mark this as a correct answer.