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    Dynamic Filter Options

    Mark Gordon



      I am working on a viz that has two data sources linked to Google Analytics, each of which uses different measures (users, sessions, pageviews and transactions for one, and quantity in the other).  I want to combine both into a single map view, and allow the user to select teh domain first and then the dimensions appropriate to each one.


      I've set up a parameter to switch between the two domains, and then set up a calculated field based on the parameter selection to use as the filter.  I've tried the following code in the calculated field -


      IF [Domain] = 'Domain1' THEN 'Users'

          ELSEIF [Domain] = 'Domain1' THEN 'Sessions'

          ELSEIF [Domain] = 'Domain1' THEN 'Pageviews'

          ELSEIF [Domain] = 'Domain1' THEN 'Transactions'

          ELSEIF [Domain] = 'Domain2' THEN 'Quantity'



      - but this only shows Users for Domain1 and Quantity for Domain2.  Is there a way to build up a list of options so when Domain1 is selected each of the options is displayed in the filter list?  Or, is there a simpler way of doing this altogether...?