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    Display a sheet with an action

    pelin bebek

      hi all,i want to distplay a sheet with an action filter.For example i click on Last 2 days (this is a shett,too) then make  the last two days sales sheet visible.

      hope i can explain clearly.

      thx all.

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          suman kumar

          Hi pelin bebek


          The Solution which you are looking for is called "Sheet Selector".

          you can create sheet selector with this way. Please go through it.


          Create a View (Sheet) Selector for Your Dashboard

          You can create a drop-down selector for your dashboard that lets your users select an individual view from the dashboard. When they select a view, all the other views on the dashboard are replaced with just the view they've selected, and the view fills the entire dashboard.

          1. Right-click the Data window, and select Create Parameter.
          2. Create a string parameter by doing the following tasks in the Create Parameter dialog box:
            • In the Name text box, type a name for the selector. For example, type Select a View.
            • In the Data type drop-down list, select String.
            • For Allowable values select List.
            • Under List of values, type All in the first text box, and then type the name of each view in the dashboard. In the example below, the view names are Map, Bar Chart, and Line Chart.
          3. Click OK.
          4. Right-click the Data window, and select Create Calculated Field.
          5. Give the calculation a name, such as Display, then in the formula text box, type the name of the parameter you created in step 2.
          6. For each view you plan to add to your dashboard, drag the calculation you created in step 4 to the Filters shelf and do the following tasks in the Filter dialog box:
            • Select the Custom Value List option.
            • Type All in the text box.
            • Type the view name in the text box and click the Add Item button.
          7. Click OK.
          8. For each view you plan to include in your dashboard, right-click the upper-right corner of the worksheet, select Parameters, and then select the parameter you created in step 2 (for example, Select a View).
          9. Select Dashboard > New Dashboard.
          10. Under Objects on the Dashboard pane, drag a Vertical or Horizontal layout container to the dashboard. Then, drag each view's sheet to the dashboard.
          11. On the dashboard sheet, right-click the title area of each view and select Hide Title.Now you should have a dashboard with a drop-down selector that lets you select individual views. When a view is selected, it fills the entire dashboard, replacing the other views.




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